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Ctr Chicken is a globally recognized fried chicken and chicken burger restaurant with a passion for serving delectable culinary creations. With 21 locations around the world, Ctr Chicken caters to food enthusiasts with a diverse menu featuring mouthwatering burgers and crispy fried chicken.

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Business Overview

Ctr Chicken is a globally recognized fried chicken and chicken burger restaurant with 21 locations worldwide. They are known for serving a wide range of burger types and crispy fried chicken, offering a delightful culinary experience for food enthusiasts.

Our belief in turning culinary dreams into success stories sets the stage for an inspiring collaboration with Ctr Chicken.

Ctr Chicken, a renowned brand, boasts 21 locations around the world, showcasing their global reach and influence.

Our partnership with Ctr Chicken highlights our ability to create and implement marketing strategies that make a significant impact.

Elevating brands is at the core of what we do, and Ctr Chicken’s success story serves as a testament to our expertise in achieving this goal.

The Challenge

Ctr Chicken handed us a double mission: rev up sales and spice up brand recognition. Their menu boasted scrumptious burgers and fried chicken, but they craved a fresh twist to keep customers engaged and the registers ringing.


Sales Enhancement

Ctr Chicken’s primary goal was to increase sales and revenue, necessitating strategic marketing solutions.


Brand Awareness

Alongside sales, they sought to enhance brand awareness to reach a wider audience.


Innovation and Loyalty

Ctr Chicken aimed to creatively introduce new products and offers while maintaining the loyalty of their existing customer base.

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Our Approach

We designed paid marketing campaigns on social media that combined product innovation with targeted advertising to achieve maximum reach and engagement. The goal was to capture the attention of food lovers and potential customers.

To captivate taste buds, we picked specific products from the menu and created enticing offers. These unique combinations not only delighted customers but also provided opportunities for upselling.

Our approach extended beyond sales. We implemented SEO strategies to enhance their online visibility. We collaborated with micro and macro influencers in the food sector to foster brand recognition.

The Results

Our collaboration with Motion Cars yielded remarkable results,
exceeding their expectations and ours.

+8M Reach in Awareness Campaigns

The paid campaigns we orchestrated for brand awareness reached over 8 million potential customers and food enthusiasts. This heightened visibility was a significant step towards boosting Ctr Chicken’s online presence.

+12K Products Sold in 3 Months

Increased awareness translated into action, with over 12,000 products sold within just three months. This surge in sales not only boosted revenue but also established Ctr Chicken as a top choice for delicious fast food.

Influencer Network Outreach

Our collaboration with micro and macro influencers in the food sector reached more than 2 million individuals. This expanded the brand’s local influence and cemented Ctr Chicken’s reputation as a preferred dining destination.

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